Both of us walked into a film shoot after the a/c tune-up job

The day started with an a/c upgrade at a suburban house. It was so boiling that day that the two of us were perspiring our wigs off as the two of us detachd the aged a/c units to install the new unit. I had more than three a/c unit reps, and the two of us were from the downtown a/c business. The house was magnificent. The lawns were all level and green, and the purchaser was a pleasant soccer mom who had just gotten back from dropping off her children at university. The lady asked thoughtful questions about the cooling technology, and she seemed to believe more about a/c than the novice cooling specialists. It took us a while to detach the aged plan and scrub the area, however once the two of us were done, installing the new unit was a breeze. The purchaser had proposed a heat pump. Both of us find that these types of cooling products are a preference by most homeowners. They see the cooling unit as efficient and simple to use. Both of us did not need to take the lady through the cooling system tune-up guidelines as the two of us usually did with most shoppers, however she had taken excellent care of her previous unit and even had a/c filters left over from her last batch. She would schedule a/c repairs with an a/c expert whenever she noticed the unit was not functioning correctly. When the two of us finished, the two of us went by the restaurant and get breakfast before heading to our sixth job. Both of us walked right into a film shoot and did not realize it until the two of us saw the cameras. The supervisor signaled us to stay, and I can say that I was in a film.


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