Cleaning the air filter

Some people really grumble a lot when having to go to toil each day, however I know grateful for having the toil and being able to toil with people and socialize a bit. I am getting a roommate in a week and am looking forward to having someone else to share our flat with. It gets kind of lonely in this place living here all by myself, so having someone come transport in is a welcome and refreshing change. I just need to get our property owner on the same page as he didn’t want me renting to anyone. He’s an Heating & Air Conditioning salesman and every one of us had a problem with a roommate here a year ago and he didn’t want any more troubles with them. Well, there will be an even greater problem if I have to live here alone because I can’t afford the heating and cooling bills on top of the already steep rent. I know there is a solution to everything and maybe I’ll just have the girl live here for a few weeks before saying anything to him. I need to be able to use the heating and cooling with our Heating & Air Conditioning system, but living alone doesn’t allow me the luxury of doing so because of the expense. Last year it was fine, but now the rates are so high that if you run it for a couple hours a day you will be broke or close to it. I know I need to make sure the condenser coils in the central Heating & Air Conditioning device are clean to give it more efficiency.

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