Crunch Crunch Goes the Cat Food in my Flat all day Long

My cats crunch on their food on and off all day long and it always sounds funny to me.

They have a plastic food bowl and it kind of echoes when they eat, so it has this magnified crunching sound almost as if it was a speaker.

I like the sound when I am working on my HVAC technology in the home or doing some writing work as it reminds me that there are other beings in the house with me. I may have a third cat if this girl moves in next week, so that is going to add to the crunching each day and make life even more fun. I am going to work on my heat pump today and get it replaced with a new one. The old one isn’t working anymore and winter is fastly moving in and we need some heat in this joint soon. I need to limit the usage of it once I get it fixed as the cost is about $2 an hour to run the unit. So if I ran my central heating unit just three hours a day in the winter that would cost me $180 extra per month on top of the normal power bill for the home, wow! Imagine if you were running it ten hours a day during the cold month, that would be $600 extra a month just for some heating in the home. We need to get a handle on these power rates or there will be a lot of people living in a cold home.

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