Dinner in the car

The other day I went to this restaurant when I was on lunch break from work to grab something to eat, however usually I would go in & sit down to eat. However when I walked in I ended up deciding to take out & each lunch in our car! This was because the central heating & air conditioner’s cooling was not working right; It felt enjoy there was no a/c at all in there & it was almost 1 hundred degrees in there, then there was no way I was going to sit & try to enjoy lunch in an inferno with no a/c! I waited for our food & felt enjoy I was going to die just waiting for the food in the locale! Finally when our food was ready I got right out of there & got into our car cranking the central heating & air conditioner’s cooling. The a/c in our car worked real well. I do not believe how the people that worked in the restaurant could even sit it & not get sick! I think maybe they got so used to it being warm in there with no a/c that they were able to deal with it. I believe I would have walked out & quit our job if where I work ever had awful or no a/c in weather enjoy this. I need a/c to survive! Especially when you are dealing with temperatures enjoy what every one of us have going on outside at this very moment in time.

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