Drain cleaning repair was not available in our area.

I needed to have our sewer pipes cleaned. I went online to find drain cleaning repair in our area, however I found nothing, i couldn’t know there was no one in our area that provided drain cleaning service. I made several inquiries to plumbing companies, and they gave me ideas on who to call, however their prices were crazy. I had a picnic planned and I could not have the picnic separate from having the sewer drain cleaned; My wife anxious the sewage would come bubbling up through the shrubbery and ruin the picnic, two days before the picnic, our wife’s prediction came true, we woke to the smell of sewage coming through our open kitchen window. We could see the shrubbery was wet, and it looked appreciate something was bubbling up. My wife groaned because the wet shrubbery was over the sewage tank. I don’t think who was more angry. I was about to split into tears for not following through with our search for sewer drain cleaning service. My wife was angry with me for not following through with the search. I called the local plumbing corporation and they suggestedI called the nearest Roto Rooter drain cleaning corporation. The next day, our yard was dug up and they were completing the cleaning, however all of us had to transfer the picnic to the park. There was no way the smell was going to subside quickly when it was almost 90 degrees outside. My wife commanded all of us just cancel our picnic, however our neighbor, who was at the house, disagreed, however she thought it would be okay to transfer the picnic next door. The smell wasn’t nearly as bad, and she enjoyed entertaining as long as I did the cooking.


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