Getting additional HVAC equipment

The house was not big or grand, but it was cozy and had a spectacular view of the creek from the porch. Even at night, if there was a starlit sky, you could enjoy the view while having your late-night cup of coffee. The only downside was that it got chilly in the evening and at night. We came up with screening the porch to keep out the bugs, but that did not solve the temperature situation. The house had a furnace as the home’s central heating and air conditioning system. Even after consulting with the local HVAC company, we still needed a favorable solution. One HVAC technician suggested that we get a heat pump that would work alongside the existing system because the size of the HVAC system had not been the right size for the home. With such a system, we could install heated floors on the porch. We were learning more about heating technology by the day. It has a solution for almost every problem regarding helping indoor comfort. The new HVAC equipment would cost a chunk of money, but we took it as a necessary update. We could even use it as the central heater to get quality heating all year round. From there, we would continue our usual routine with the HVAC maintenance and the occasional furnace/heater repair. The only change would be that the HVAC repairman would conduct a bi-annual rather than annual heat pump service and, of course, change the furnace filter when necessary. We spent more time on the porch than we did inside the house. The view and the serenity it provided were something one can only find in nature.
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