Had a Shift Take Place Last Night in our Feelings

I’ve been feeling pretty low since summer time drifted away plus not feeling like doing much of anything. But last evening it reached a tipping point plus I felt this feeling inside that I no longer have the energy to feel down anymore. Call it clarity or enlightenment however I no longer want to feel down plus sad all of the time so I am just shifting our mindset to a higher energy vibration. I will do a lot of meditation to clear our mind plus work on resetting how I feel most of the time. The local business near me offers meditation classes for people plus I may go there each month to get in the groove. I have to work at the Heating plus A/C business each morning plus am tired of dreading going to work, so now I am moving to the lighter feeling that I feel I still have in our heart. It is easy to get in these ruts plus guess that everything is worse than it is, but it is also easy to shift to a more positive mindset too, then my smart temperature control Heating plus A/C tech is consistently in a fantastic mood plus I want to ask his how he does it. Is he just faking it plus pretending to be blissful, or is he legitimately that cheerful all of the time? I need to find out his secret, so I will go to the heating corp today to have a short chat with his plus see what he says. I want to be blissful like that too all of the time!


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