I couldn't wait until Christmas.

My mom was always asking us kids what we wanted for Christmas.

Now that I have kids, she asks them what they want.

My son told her he wanted a space heater. She thought he was an odd child, but she said she would talk to Santa Claus. I’m fairly certain she had no intentions of buying a space heater. She asked him every time she came to the house; what did he want for Christmas? When he told her he wanted a space heater, she shrugged. She asked me what she should get him, and I told her he said what he wanted. She said you don’t get a space heater for a child, for Christmas. He needed toys or something that was fun. I should buy the space heater and let him use it. Mom didn’t know my son, and if he was asking for a space heater, that is what he wanted. Since mom refused to buy the space heater, I bought it. I knew he had a draft coming through his bedroom. We needed to put a new window in there, and until spring there was little we could do. My husband put shrink wrap over the window, and it helped some, but not as much as we hoped it would. The space heater would keep him warm, and help with the energy bills, which is all I can ask for. I think I’ll buy the space heater now, however, and get him the game system he wanted. He didn’t tell his grandma about the gaming system, because he thought it was too expensive for her to buy.
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