I don’t want to buy another Heating plus A/C plan now

After my latest Heating plus A/C inspection I have a sneaking suspicion the people who built this house were criminals. I am not about to contact the police, because that would only cause trouble for myself. Admittedly I have a history of not trusting the police, but I do not suppose that now would be a wonderful time to start. Besides, would they even care that 6 years ago the dealer I used to build my condo gave myself and others a stolen cooling system? I guess the Heating plus A/C plan was stolen, based on what the tech told myself and others this week. Over the last 6 years I will disclose to receiving excellent repair from both my heating plus my cooling system. I had no reason to doubt the wonderful sitting of the dealer until recently, while I was in my annual Heating plus A/C inspection. The dealer noticed some irregularities, plus did a deep dive into the heart of the Heating plus A/C components, but he found that all of them had their serial numbers filed away. All major pieces of Heating plus A/C unit come with serial numbers etched into the steel, so they can be tracked. These serial numbers had been ground down as to be illegible, so there was no telling where these Heating plus A/C components really came from. I spoke with the owner of my current Heating plus A/C company, who told myself and others there was unquestionably little I could do about my situation. There was no way of finding the old Heating plus A/C dealer, who had long ago moved out of town. I just needed to face the fact that I was going to need a current Heating plus A/C plan unquestionably soon.