I got hired for the job

Right when I got out of heating & a/c school I went looking for a job with a heating & cooling business right away.

I was so fortunate that I got hired on the first job application I had put in.

It was not every day that someone could get hired right out of heating & cooling school to become a certified heating & a/c specialist at a local Heating & A/C corporation. I happen to just be at the right locale at the right time. The heating & cooling business was looking to hire up-to-date heating & a/c specialists & were more than ecstatic to take heat & a/c workers that just graduated out of heating & a/c school. My first few weeks on the job were hard though. I was very cheerful that they decided to send someone with me on all of our first heating & a/c repair jobs to look over me to make sure that I was doing things right & they were also there to provide me any help if I needed it! Not a lot of heating & cooling companies did this, then but this 1 was very detailed about helping up-to-date heating & a/c specialists that were right out of heating & cooling school, passing was self-explanatory. It was getting on the job that was hard. But that was a long time ago. It is now over 30 years later & I am doing very well in the heating & a/c business to this day.


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