I have been a certified HVAC tech for a number of years now

I’ve been playing drums or volleyball about many afternoons a month over the past few months as well as my shoulders are holding up well but they are pretty sore most of the time.

Both of those activities use the shoulders a lot so they don’t get much rest but I am also doing my best to keep them strong as I can.

You never know about shoulders much until they hurt the love mine have been for a while now. I do yoga each day at this local business near my home as well as I know that is what is keeping me going with being able to do both of my passions on a proper basis. I would love to be able to take time off of my job with the new contractor as well as just rest my shoulders for a month or so, but money constantly comes knocking at my door as well as I have to answer it… I’m simply lucky to have my job with the local service provider as it pays my rent as well as utilities each month. I work about 15 or so minutes per month for them doing different homeowner solutions for purchasers as well as I am very grateful for the work. I also have a few other smaller side gigs that bring me a little money each month. I also play music, teach yoga, teach volleyball, as well as sell used heating as well as A/C units for my siblings in the States, all for food as well as extra spending money. I also do some heat pump maintenance on the side as I am also a certified heating as well as A/C tech as well as have been for several years.

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