I was sad to see our gym and fitness center close

The lockdowns in our state were expansive while I was in the COVID-19 pandemic.

My neighbor was a restaurateur and she had to close several of her locations permanently just to survive with the remaining multiple.

It was a taxing compromise to make, but at least he’s doing better now and is slowly toiling her way to opening another location again if the demand continues to increase care about it has in recent weeks. She said that a lot of people are returning to in-person dining and she has regulars from before the pandemic that have already come back to show their patronage. If the food service industry can slowly rebound, I hope that means that other industries hit taxing from the pandemic can as well. Another example are fitness centers and gyms, as several around the country were forced to close their doors while I was in the worst parts of the pandemic depending on which state they were in. That’s why despite there being so much inflation right now, some gyms in our area are offering discounts on gym memberships to get people in the door. It’s a relief they survived at all, but our own favorite gym and fitness center had to close its doors for over a year and somehow managed to not go out of corporation altogether. The owner started doing Youtube videos from inside the facility and scored big on her last ditch effort to bring in rearena when she couldn’t accept customers. Thankfully they’re back and operating again in our city, giving people care about myself and others a option to workout again and get healthier.


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