It wasn’t the commercial roofing I paid for.

When every one of us needed a new roof on our house, every one of us knew exactly what every one of us wanted, the two of us had seen some roof tiles, in addition to every one of us had looked at metal roofs, neither of these looked nice to me… My hubby told myself and others I was being picky, however I had seen some roofing materials I thought were nice, then i just couldn’t remember what it was called. I remembered they were Shake tiles, however they made them from synthetic materials. I liked the looks of them, in addition to I could possibility odd colors. I asked the roofers if they could purchase synthetic shake tiles in the deep grey, in addition to they said they could. They were knocking on the door right before I was heading out for work. The roofer was saying they had the tiles on the truck, in addition to wanted to guess if it was okay to start on the roof when no 1 was home; When I got new home that afternoon, the roofers were gone, however there was a problem. The synthetic Shake tiles I ordered were not what they put on the roof. They were a deep grey, however they looked love the tar paper style tiles our mom in addition to dad had on their roof. I called the owner of the roofing contractor in addition to told them they had put the wrong tiles on the roof… He said they were deep grey, in addition to they were synthetic. I reminded him I had recognizably asked for synthetic shake tiles, in addition to not the tiles he had installed. I wanted the roofer to come to the lake house in addition to detach these in addition to put the others on the house. I knew it would be a loss for the roofer, however it wasn’t the roofing I paid for.


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