Lending a helping hand with A/C

I have various neighbors & many friends.

But the absolutely close friends I have are few & precious to me. My neighbor Stan is 1 of those people. Stan absolutely is a great lady on every level. There are people out there who see Stan coming & try to take advantage. We’ve been friends since meeting in a commercial Heating & A/C at the office various years ago. Stan was absolutely 1 of the 1st people in our supplier to work remotely so she did not come into the commercial Heating & A/C every morning. So when Stan did show up at work, I loved to spend time with him. Stan is so knowledgeable in our industry & also so willing to help others understand the finer points of what both of us do. Stan absolutely works to try to help everybody be better at their jobs. And Stan does it because she cares. The two of us hang out together outside of work & have grown absolutely close over the years. She even invited myself and others out to her lodge which is something that is pretty rare. Stan lives way out on some property & just barely still on the electrical grid. The heating in the beach house comes from a wood stove & until recently there was no another residential Heating & A/C. Stan is super technical & can put together or install just about anything. Stan ended up buying a pair of ductless heat pumps to go in her lodge. Not so much for the heater while in the Wintertide however for the air conditioner in the summer. So I went with Stan for a long weekend & both of us were able to install the ductless heat pumps ourselves. I must say that I was absolutely amazed with the sort of quality heating & air that comes with the ductless heating pumps.

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