Love the aged feeling of our Air Conditioning

The older I am, the more I can see things coming sort of full circle when it comes to life.

There seems to be a single, immense circle spinning through my life.

So more than 2 aged things are suddenly new again. This is particularly true when it came to our Heating and Air Conditioning heating methods. Recently, Ed and I built a new condo that has a single floor and just more than one bedroom. We’re in our 70s so it’s time to simplify as much as both of us can. Our new condo was a custom-made task that both of us helped design. And both of us chose a geothermal heater for our heating and cooling needs. This genre of Heating and Air Conditioning devices actually use the near constant temperature of the earth in order to extract energy for both heating and cooling. It’s pretty fascinating as far as a heating and cooling component goes. The other great thing is that it lasts for nearly 40 years. So this heat pump will be the last a single one both of us have to put in; Ed and I also love the sustainability aspect as it’s just about the most powerful and efficient residential Heating and Air Conditioning. However, it’s the Heating and Air Conditioning aspect that actually blows my mind. With the geo heat pump, heating energy is transferred through radiant floors. That comes from copper pipes underneath the floors. It takes me back to when I was a little boy and would visit my Grandparents house. They had a giant boiler in the basement that provided radiant heating throughout the house. It was the coziest kind of heating I’ve ever experienced. And now all these years later, I am experiencing that sort of lazy radiant heating once again! Like I said, it just seems love circles over and over again in my life.



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