Lunch in the car

The other day I went to this diner when I was on lunch break from work to grab something to eat.

Usually I would go in and sit down to eat. However when I walked in I ended up deciding to take out and each lunch in my car! This was because the central heating and air conditioning system’s cooling was not working right. It felt like there was no air conditioning at all in there and it was almost one hundred degrees in there. There was no way I was going to sit and try to enjoy lunch in an inferno with no air conditioning! I waited for my food and felt like I was going to die just waiting for the food in the place! Finally when my food was ready I got right out of there and got into my car cranking the central heating and air conditioning system’s cooling. The air conditioning in my car worked real well. I do not know how the people that worked in the diner could even stand it and not get sick! I guess maybe they got so used to it being hot in there with no air conditioning that they were able to deal with it. I know I would have walked out and quit my job if where I work ever had bad or no air conditioning in weather like this. I need air conditioning to survive! Especially when you are dealing with temperatures like what we have going on outside at this very moment in time.


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