My friend can repair HVAC systems

If there was a man who had or could come up with a hack that he could apply to avoid spending money on something, it was our neighbor Kody.

Kody’s HVAC systems had enough duct tape to stretch for miles, he believed he learned more about heating and anything that had to do with HVAC machines Kody could fix, not because he had professional training as an HVAC supplier but simply because there was the internet.

Kody also likes to pay on things other than things he could find on the internet and get a possible answer. He installed her radiant floors to help with indoor comfort and attached them to the heat pump system as the power source, and the system produced quality heating, so I had him install it. He fixed our gas furnace multiple times, but the last time he did it, I called the HVAC dealer. From his attempted gas furnace/heater repair, I was sure it would only be a matter of time before I started replacing the parts of the heating device. The only thing he has never touched in our house is the dial control unit. He told me that if it broke down, I could call a heating supplier to fix it, and I tried to encourage him to venture into that line of work. Even though he liked to work from home on her PC, some of his energy-saving tips were extreme, and I applied only a few. He only trusted one heating corp to perform annual heat pump service, so I called an HVAC repairman for our HVAC repair. Still, he was the one that usually replaced our gas furnace filter. He is actually frugal, but when he sets his mind to trying to fix something, he does extensive research before embarking on it.


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