Need to Investigate and Find Out How Much my HVAC Electric Heating Costs to Run

I need to find out the brand of my HVAC system and see how much the electric furnace uses in power per hour so I can figure out how much I can run it without making me bankrupt.

I think it is a normal sized unit so it probably uses about 20kW per hour to run, which would be about $2 for an hour but I want to check the HVAC compressor on the rooftop to see what it says.

I have to clean my flat today because I have someone coming to look at the bedroom I am renting and I really need to rent it, so cleaning the flat today is going to be on the top of my list of things to do. I need to clean the HEPA filter and the furnace filter among other things too, but that doesn’t have to be done today. The main thing is to clean the flat and make sure the room she is looking at is clean and all in order. I think I can knock out the whole job in about an hour and a half, but first I need to do my HVAC tech writing and get that out of the way. I also have a bunch of laundry to do, so it looks like today is going to be a busy bee kind of day for me. But if all goes well I will have a new flatmate and my money problems will vanish. I am off to the local business now to grab a new smart thermostat.

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