Quality heating in the new bathroom

Mornings were chaotic. Bathroom wars ensued every morning because five siblings, a set of triplets and twins, had to share one bathroom. The girls took forever in the bathroom, and the boys had little patience. We tried coming up with a routine, but it only worked for two days then we were back to the same old chaos. There was a time when the furnace broke down, and there was no hot water in the bathroom, and they had to shower in our bathroom. We called the HVAC company, and they responded promptly. The HVAC technician repaired a furnace/heater, replaced the furnace filter, and we had hot water running again. On that day, Travis and I resolved to add another bathroom, not as a future project but one that needed to be handled urgently. After another month of bathroom wars, the addition of another bathroom was underway. The HVAC repairman that took care of our HVAC maintenance also did the heated floors in the new toilet, which would help with indoor comfort. The electric heat pump installation that served as central heating was compatible with the heating technology we would use in the new bathroom. It would provide quality heating, so there was no need to get new HVAC equipment. We had put a condition that the only time we would build a new bathroom is if all the kids would implement all the energy-saving tips we had come up with, so far there had been some changes, but we still had a long way to go when it came to learning more about heating. Our routine regarding the HVAC systems would remain the same since we already had a scheduled heat pump service that we would continue with in the future.

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