She is an awesome Heating & A/C professional

My old man raised myself and my siblings by himself as our Dad passed away when I was just a baby.

The crew of us had a great beachside house with some first rate residential Heating & A/C as well.

I had to turn to our dad for just about everything. When it came to falling in love, I looked to him for advice as well, however my dad consistently told myself and others that I would think when it was real & she sure was right. My Dad also encouraged myself and others to embrace the differences in someone that I fell for! So I believe it’s pretty ironic that I’ve fallen deeply in prefer with an Heating & A/C pro, i’ve said this in front of people who do not think us & have gotten some quizzical looks; But the fact is, Jen is the owner of a local Heating & A/C business. She became an Heating & A/C specialist once Jen quit college & l acquired she had a passion for heating & cooling, within ten years, Jen had gone out on her own & started her own heating & cooling business. Jen is a remarkable lady & I’m lucky to have met her, then the two of us absolutely met because of a Heating & A/C issue, having just moved to town, I bought a home that had a seasoned central air conditioner. So I made an appointment with the Heating & A/C corporation expecting to meet a tech But instead I got to meet our partner who is also the best Heating & A/C corporation I’ve ever met. My Dad was right, I knew it was right falling in prefer with an Heating & A/C pro from the undoubtedly start.


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