Storytelling with the keyword cooling product

The dad did an air conditioning tune-up and changed the air conditioning filters

When I moved into town last year, I made friends with a group of scholars. They loved reading and storytelling. They took me to this event where people told stories from one keyword. Others would mime out the stories. It was such a fun event. The next time we attended it, my newfound friends insisted I participate. The keyword provided was a cooling product. The organizers were unaware of my career as an air conditioning expert. I work with cooling equipment every day in the air conditioning business. It was supposed to be a short story to explain the keyword. Further, I was also required to be creative regarding the story. I started the story with two kids in a house where the air conditioning system had malfunctioned, plunging the house into an oven-like atmosphere. To try and fix the heat pump, the kids thought to throw water on it, and when that did not work, they switched it off. The kids did not know more about air conditioning than any other kid, but they were determined to fix the unit. They became little made-up a/c reps attempting air conditioning repairs on their unit. As they got ready to open up the unit, their dad, a cooling specialist, returned home and was shocked beyond belief. His unit was wet and had stopped working. The kids explained that it had stopped working before they poured water on it. Thanks to the new cooling technology, the outside cover of the unit protect the sensitive parts from the water. The dad did an air conditioning tune-up and changed the air conditioning filters. The unit was functioning as well as it did when they did the air conditioning installation. The crowd was on the floor from laughter when I finished the story.



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