They went south to get away from freezing temperatures

Mom was having a hard time with his arthritis, but he told me the chilly was doing his in. I asked him why he didn’t turn up his control unit a little! When he said he could not afford the cost of fuel, I was speechless. I had a ductless heating, ventilation and A/C plan in my house, and I didn’t have fuel costs. I understood it had gotten expensive, however I wasn’t experiencing the pain… My partner provided to pay for his fuel so he wasn’t cold, although he argued he didn’t take charity. I knew how mom felt about this, so I didn’t push the issue, however I knew I had to do something for her. I wasn’t sure how I was going to help her, however I was going to need to come up with a plan. I talked to mom about his heating situation. She told me if I wanted to guess how his heat plan was, I should come check it out. I was an actual heating, ventilation and A/C serviceman and should be able to check the oil furnace and tell him better than he could tell me. It quickly hit me that he was right. I should have been taking care of his heating, ventilation and A/C component instead of waiting for him to tell me if something was wrong; the very next day, I headed to the house and checked the oil furnace. She hadn’t been taking care of the air filter, and the air duct needed to be cleaned. The oil furnace looked as if it hadn’t been worked on in years. I was extremely upset about his needing a new oil furnace, however I would deal with that if I had to.


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