Trying to determine the SEER rating of my air conditioner

The two of us all have newer central heating plus air conditioning systems in our flats as this is a newer building that every one of us all live in.

  • But I’m not sure how efficient the units actually are, as I just got a power bill that eclipsed all of the previous 1s by more than double the amount.

I suppose the various rates went up even though I am still wondering how efficient these newer units even are. Just because they are pretty new doesn’t mean they actually have the best efficiency, plus I suppose how the local dealers like to cut corners wherever they can when building something that they won’t be living in themselves. I need to look at the SEER rating on our equipment on the rooftop to see what number it is plus then decide from there what I will do to try plus curb the power bill amount each week. I’m also sure there are much better units on the market even though I am also sure that they cost a lot of money plus I honestly don’t have the money to buy 1 myself. There are other openings out there plus I just need to try and figure out the best 1 plus go from there as well. The lake house services store near me has some great central heating plus air conditioning techs plus pros working there plus I am sure they can help me with our dilemma. Maybe I can buy 1 of their hybrid heating systems, 1 of those portable units, plus use that instead of our central heating plus air conditioning system. I will first go on the rooftop plus do a little recon to see what kind of equipment I am dealing with here.

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