Good at installing heat pumps

I am letting my money sit in cryptos and am hoping we get another good bull run over the next several years.

I have just 65 Litecoins right now and am hoping that they will be worth something again one day.

I’m just putting that money on the backburner and letting it sit till it goes up again and then I am going to take it out and drop it in the bank. If it doesn’t go up then I am just going to kiss that money goodbye and move on, as it wouldn’t be the first loss in my life. The HVAC equipment repair job brings money in each month, so I really don’t need that money and it wouldn’t really matter if it disappeared on me. Money comes and money goes, just like the lovers in my life, and they all fade into subtle background noise in the end. I’d like a new heat pump for my HVAC system one day, but I don’t need to take it out of my investment as they don’t cost that much. I can install it myself as I have been working in the field for many years and doing things like that is easy for me. I will buy a new heat pump from the local business when I am ready to do the job, and I may even ask my local contractor friend to help me out with it. He has been working in the business longer than I have and is really good at installing heat pumps. It should be a breeze.

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