He had his HVAC certification and went to work in a plumbing company.

My son worked hard to get where he is today. He went to HVAC technical school right after graduation from high. He worked hard to pass the HVAC course. He worked even harder to pass his certification course so he could work at the local HVAC company. He no sooner got his HVAC certification than he went to school for plumbing. I thought he was crazy. Why would anyone work that hard just to turn around and work for someone else? He told me it would all work out in the end, and I said nothing more. I thought maybe he just wanted to have more than one career. After getting all of his qualifications to be a master plumber, he went to work for a new company in our area. They were working with HVAC and plumbing to create a company that specialized in the installation of radiant heated flooring and ductless HVAC systems. With his qualifications, he could specialize in either job, and do an excellent job. He was already working for the HVAC company while going to school for plumbing. That made me wonder if this was the plan all along. So he could serve a dual purpose, whether working in the HVAC company or the plumbing company. One afternoon, my son told me he was thinking about taking a few more classes. With all of his qualifications, he was certain he could take business classes, and in a couple years he could own the first HVAC/Plumbing company in the area, and. He was certain he could make it a success.
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