He said he didn’t work for just one HVAC company.

I was talking to the HVAC technician last week, that always comes to our home. I saw him in the grocery store, and he was wearing the HVAC shirt for another HVAC company. I asked if he was working for someone new now, and he shook his head. He said he was a man who wore many hats, and this was just one of them. He worked for three different HVAC companies when they had specialized repairs that needed to be made. His job at the home heating and air conditioning company was slow this week, so he was working for an industrial heating and air conditioning company this week. I thought this was a conflict of interest, but I would not ask. I figured he knew what he was doing, and he would not get into trouble. I was wondering if he would come to my house if there was a problem with my furnace? I left the store, and he waved as I walked out. The following day, my neighbor was telling me she saw Dave in the grocery store. I told her I saw him there when I was in the store earlier in the day. She said she was worried that he wouldn’t be available if she needed work on her furnace. I told her I had asked about this, and he assured me he would be available if any of his regular customers needed help. She took a deep breath; then let it out. I could tell this made her feel good. She was just as concerned about having our regular HVAC technician when we needed him as I was.

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