I demanded an all-home media air cleaner.

I had never raised our voice to our partner, plus I didn’t guess I ever would, then my family had a firm belief that women correct the men, plus treated them special, then i correct our partner, plus I treated him like she was special, however I felt I had the right to be treated the same way, then why should she be able to disrespect me plus want me only for the labor I could do plus the children I bore? She walked into our condo 1 day, plus I told him I wanted a whole-apartment media air cleaner, and she laid the paper on the table plus told me the two of us had a furnace plus a window air conditioner unit! That was more than all the people had, however our kid had asthma, plus I was told a whole apartment air purification plan could help her.

She laughed plus said I was lucky I had it plus I did, plus I needed to mind our manners.

I prepared her lunch without another word, but after the teenagers were in bed, I was going to approach him again. She was relaxing in front of the cable set when I walked in plus turned it off. I told him the two of us needed to talk about the whole apartment media air cleaner. I demanded the two of us have a whole apartment air purification plan installed when she got paid, then after telling me how extravagant it was, I shrugged. She either had central Heating, Ventilation & A/C plus a whole air purification plan installed, or I was taking the teenagers plus moving somewhere she would never find me. She called the Heating, Ventilation & A/C company the next day.


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