I didn’t assume anyone needed a 1-armed Heating tech.

After coming back home from overseas, I was left with a disability.

I had lost our right arm in a terrible accident.

It had nothing to do with war, but an absurd accident because I wasn’t paying attention. I was at an industrial Heating as well as Air Conditioning worksite as well as not paying close enough attention to where I was walking. One of the other workers yelled caution, but I had our earbuds in. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital with a missing arm. When I came home, I didn’t assume anyone would want a 1-armed Heating as well as Air Conditioning expert. I could still do our job as well as had trained myself to do the job with only 1 arm. It wasn’t a simple task, but I had to do it. With a ton of rehabilitation as well as even more guts, I was finally going to be an active member of society again. I went to the local Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealership, as well as they greeted myself and others care about I was a war hero, but I was just a royal screw-up as well as I explained what had happened to our arm. The owner of this Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer asked if I could do our job, as well as I asked him to allow myself and others to prove it. He took myself and others on two Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair emergencies as well as refused to help me out. I repaired the oil furnace as well as had it running in record time, in both instances. I knew that he was hesitant to hire myself and others when he asked if I had l acquired any valuable lessons after losing our arm. I told him I l acquired how to job with 1 hand, as well as never wearing headphones when finally working around industrial Heating as well as Air Conditioning units as well as sloppy workers. He still hired me.

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