I lost control of the thermostat

My smart climate control component had some extreme troubles lately.

But the worst issue was when it lost control then started turning on by itself plus making our apartment so hot I had to leave plus go to a nearby hotel for the night! The smart climate control component flipped on the heating at a high temperature during the middle of Summer time.

It was supposed to be the a/c however it went to the heater plus it would not shut off! I even pulled it out of the wall plus ripped the AA batteries out plus it still would not shut down our central heating plus a/c’s heater! It was as if it was possessed or something. I had to call the local heating plus a/c company from the hotel room to schedule them to send out a certified heat plus a/c specialist to dismantle the smart climate control component plus then get our central heating plus a/c’s gas furnace to shut off. The next day arrived plus when the heating plus a/c specialist arrived at our apartment it was well over 95 degrees in there from the heating being stuck on. If I had stayed there I surely would have been dead by the next day. The heating plus a/c specialist got it to shut off plus then issued me a brand new plus new smart climate control unit. This new smart climate control component was much better than the one I had. It seemed our old one had a short in it which had caused all the troubles that it was having. I was blissful to have a new smart climate control component plus our Heating & Air Conditioning plan under control.

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