I saved the holiday for everyone

Being an independent heating plus a/c tech has some advantages occasionally, like last Christmas when I was at our family celebration which was being hosted by our aunt June, right in the middle of the holiday her central heating plus a/c plan broke down.

This was something that otherwise would have spiked the holiday because pretty much everyone would have had to go home, plus our aunt June plus her hubby would have had to go to a hotel until they could get the local heating plus a/c company to send over a certified heating plus cooling specialist to repair their central heating plus a/c.

But because I am already an independent heating plus a/c specialist, all I had to do was drive back over to our house, grab our tools plus then come back plus fix the central heating plus a/c. And this is exactly what I did. It took me a little under an hour to get it back up plus running. But when it was done, everything was back to normal again, but not only did I save the holiday for our family, however I also saved our aunt June a few hundred bucks on having to pay for heating plus a/c beachside house services plus heating plus a/c repair! When things appreciate this happen I am actually proud plus enjoyable to be an independent heating plus a/c specialist. I can help my family plus my friends whenever there is a true heating plus a/c emergency appreciate this plus save them cash.

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