I sense Bigger things coming

I just got word last week that I was getting a promotion at our job.

I have a job as a heating plus a/c specialist for a local heating plus cooling company here in the area.

I have been finally working as one of their top certified plus most helpful heating plus a/c specialists for about 7 years now. And finally they are going to supply me with a raise plus a promotion. I am going to be one of their top 3 chief heating plus a/c specialists. What it means to become a chief heating plus a/c specialist is that I will need to train plus watch the new hires that come in right out of heating plus a/c school by going out on gigs with them the first few times in the event they need some additional help or training on the gig. This is going to be a tiring job however the pay is going to be real nice plus far higher than what I have been making as an official heating plus a/c specialist at this local heating plus cooling company. I suppose that I have to be nice at this gig. Also I will think it will be enjoyable to teach plus help the brand new heating plus a/c specialists on the job. I remember when that was me eight years ago. I got nice help from the then chief heating plus a/c specialist plus I am going to be stoked to be the chief Heating & Air Conditioning worker right now in line to help others appreciate who I once was. It is called giving back to the supplier with a big cash reward!
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