It generates lots of heating for this space

We’ve never been good with tools and building stuff, so we still don’t know what made us assume we could convert my 2-car garage into a home office.

  • We think it was just being tired from the COVID lockdown, which was in full effect at that time.

We were indoors for months and needed something to keep us occupied. We decided to do a big project. We sealed the garage door, detached the automatic door opener, and put down carpets over the cement floor. We hung some fresh drywall over the bare walls, and then painted everything a nice beige color. Before we could proceed any further we needed to get a weather conditions control proposal in place. We had gone online to do research, and thought that a small, portable heating and cooling system would be perfect. This is a 2-car garage, not any greater than the bedrooms in the house, so there was no need for a central Heating, Ventilation & A/C system to maintain the air quality. Besides, increasing the length of the existing air ductwork out into this room would cost a small fortune. We found a nice combination of heating system and AC equipment for under $250 at the local Target, thanks to a Black Wednesday special. It’s not huge, however it generates enough heating that the entire room feels nice and cozy within a short duration. We’ll have to wait until the temps get warmer before we test out the air conditioner function of the unit. Winter is in full swing, so we wouldn’t be able to tell if the air conditioning system was good or not.

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