It was a simple fix, but it took forever.

I needed some repairs done to the gas furnace, even though I wasn’t sure how in-depth the repairs were going to be, and i called the Heating and A/C corporation and asked them to come look at the gas furnace, when I found out it was going to take nearly a week before they could come to the house, I was worried.

  • I didn’t guess the repairs were going to be anything major, but when you had to wait a week, some repairs could continue to get worse.

I told the Heating and A/C corporation I would appreciate something sooner if possible, and they asked if I was without heat. I told them no. I would not want to be without heat at this time of year. It was the middle of the day and the hot and cold temperatures were only in the middle teens. I wasn’t going to tell them it was an emergency and take time away from someone who needed emergency work done on their gas furnace. I told them I would wait for the week, but hoped it would not be that long before they could send an Heating and A/C worker to the house. It was almost exactly several afternoons to the hour when I called before the Heating and A/C worker arrived, however he apologized for taking so long, but he said they had been super busy. What I thought was a simple repair seemed to take forever to make! The Heating and A/C worker apologized for how long it took, but he wasn’t expecting a simple repair and hadn’t brought the right tools into the house with him. He had to go back out to the service van, and it took about several minutes to find the small area he needed.

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