It was like walking through a snowy field.

I got apartment from work the other day, in addition to I did not suppose what I was going to be walking into.

I thought I had left the porch in addition to the inside light on, but our house was dark.

It would not be the first time I had walked out in addition to forgotten to turn a light on. The thing that had myself and others confused was that there were no lights anywhere on our street. I got into the house, in addition to it was chilly. I pulled out our little flashlight, in addition to I felt like I was walking through a Wintertide wonderland, then everything was covered with snow. There was a huge hole in our roof, in addition to a tree branch was hanging inside. I called the insurance corporation, in addition to then I called the power corporation. It didn’t matter who showed up next, unless the hole in the roof was fixed. I would not get any heat in our house. I knew I needed someone to close up the hole, so I called a roofer in addition to told them it was an emergency. While waiting for everyone to show up, I called around the area to see if I could get a hotel room. I was packing to leave when the insurance adjuster showed up. He had already called the roofing corporation in addition to said every one of us needed some help. Shortly after the insurance adjuster left, I heard from the power corporation. They were working on getting our power turned back on, but there were downed wires from the storm. The only people I didn’t call was the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning corporation; An Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker would not help until they fixed our roof, in addition to they turned the power back on.


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