It’s hard to tell if the AC is working since it’s frigid outside

I’ve never been good at building or fixing things, so I don’t know what made me want to convert my tiny garage into a bedroom.

I guess it was just too boring from the COVID lockdown, which was in full effect at that time.

I had to stay at home numerous weeks and needed something to keep me occupied. This is what led to me attempting something big. I sealed the garage door, got rid of the automatic door opener, and laid down carpets over the stone floor. The next step was to hang some fresh drywall over the bare walls, and then paint everything a brilliant white. Before I could proceed any further I had to get a temperature control system set up in this room. I did some online research, and thought that a small, portable heating and cooling component would be perfect. This is a tiny garage, not any larger than a home office, so there was no need for a central Heating & A/C system to maintain the air quality. Plus, extending the existing air duct system out into this room would be too costly. Instead, I purchased a combo space heating system and A/C component for under $500 at the local Walmart, thanks to a Black Friday special. It’s a small unit, but it generates enough heating that the entire room feels nice and cozy within minutes. I’ll have to wait until the temps get warmer before I test out the air conditioner function of the unit. At the moment it’s so chilly outside that I wouldn’t be able to tell if the A/C was any great or not.


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