My brother thought I was being ridiculous.

I can’t explain why, but when we had the new air conditioning unit installed, I didn’t like how it looked.

I thought it was the ugliest air conditioning unit I had ever seen.

I told mom and dad they were going to need to paint it somehow cover it up. I would not bring my friends to a house that had such a hideous piece of HVAC equipment out where everyone could see it. My brother thought I was being ridiculous and asked if I would move out if the AC unit stayed? I hesitated and then stood tall and said yes. I would move out if the ugly AC unit stayed. He had the audacity to tell me that as long as the cute redhead kept coming around, me and my friends didn’t need to show our ugly faces around the house. I told dad what he said, and dad laughed. His comment was that the redhead was cute, but he wasn’t changing his mind about the air conditioning unit. They were all the same, except in size, and I had a dorm room I could live in. I ran to my mom and cried on her shoulder. I sniffled out the story about my brother and father, and how all I wanted was an air conditioning unit that was a little nicer, and she laughed. She told me that all air conditioning units were basically the same. Since my friends and I mostly hang out around the pool, I would never need to look at it. If just the idea of having that AC unit around was upsetting me, I could move into the dorm. They were all against me.


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