My dog hacked up in the heating system air vent

It’s been raining every single day this month & my dogs dislike to go outside when it rains.

There is a huge puddle of water outside of the house & their feet get wet every time they have to go outside to use the bathroom. One of my dogs was throwing up a couple of afternoons ago, but i did not know why the dog was sick. I did not really provide him anything odd in his daily diet except a couple of odd dog treats that I bought on sale for christmas. I really did not recognize that dog treats could be the reason why his stomach was aggravated, because they contain sweet potatoes, cinnamon, & oatmeal. These are regular ingredients in dog treats & ingredients that I use every single day in the house. One of the afternoons when the dog was sick, he threw up in the heating system register. I have registers to the heating system on the floor & the dog threw up right inside of a single. I had to remove the register cover & scrub out the inside of the ducting. It was completely disgusting because of the dirt & dog hair that was already inside of the register, then after the dog threw up, he laid down on the floor & he seemed to be completely fine… He did not throw up anywhere else the rest of the day; Unluckyly, the next day all of the dogs had diarrhea. If there is anything worse than a dog throwing up, it is a dog that constantly has to go to the bathroom when it is raining outside.



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