My father told me I drive a hard bargain.

I didn’t want everything for free, but I knew what I wanted.

I would not purchase a new HVAC system and not get any perks.

I knew my ductless HVAC system required less maintenance than a tradition central HVAC system. I also knew the ductless HVAC system was more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. I was told there were still going to be air filters that needed to be changed, and I would need to have it cleaned once a year. I wanted to make sure I had a maintenance agreement that covered all the cleanings, air filter changes, and repairs that you would get with a traditional HVAC system. I knew I would probably need to pay more for my maintenance agreement, but I didn’t care. I also wanted to find out if I could have a smart thermostat with my new ductless HVAC system. The technician told me he didn’t think that could be a problem, but he wanted to check back with the HVAC company before giving me a positive yes. After two days, they gave me everything I wanted. The HVAC company owner told me he would give me a complete maintenance and repair agreement, and it was would cost less. Since there were fewer repairs and maintenance, he didn’t think it would be fair for him to charge me extra. When I told dad about my triumphant deal on the ductless HVAC system, he laughed. He told me I drove a hard bargain that was hard to resist. I knew he was teasing me, because I got nothing extra.


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