My girlfriend left in the middle of the night

My girlfriend and I do not regularly fight much at all, so it’s a really big deal when we do.

She doesn’t get very angry about many things at all.

When she is upset, I know it’s a big deal. The first time I went to spend the night at her house, I was uncomfortably warm. The temperature on the thermostat was 74° and it was a summer day outside. I complained to my girlfriend about the indoor temperatures. She refused to adjust them and even suggested I might go home instead of staying at her place. I didn’t say much at all after that. We didn’t see each other for a couple of days and I forgot all about it. Then, last weekend she came to stay the night at my place. The temperature inside of my place was 68°, because that is where I like to keep the temperature. My girlfriend said that she was cold and I refused to turn the temperature down. She said I was being a jerk. I reminded my girlfriend that she actually told me to go home if I was uncomfortable and she got up and grabbed her overnight bag and stormed out of my apartment. The next morning he sent me an email with 70 reasons why she no longer wanted to be my girlfriend. I told my girlfriend that she was being unreasonable. I told her that just because we have temperature differences doesn’t mean that we have to break up. She agreed that she was probably being a little bit foolish. I didn’t want the thermostat to be the reason why we broke up.

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