My Grandfather dislikes a/c

My Grandfatherrents are coming over this week.

  • It’s been 2 weeks since the last time our mom and I saw them.

There was a falling out where Grandfather got angry about undercook steak. My mom has been trying to make it work with him because she wants a affixion but he makes it so hard for her. He never gives myself and others any troubles though. I’m starting to think that Grandfather doesn’t enjoy girls but he is awfully nice to Grandmother. I’m fairly positive he is because he will get whooped by her, grandmother doesn’t back down from him or anyone so I can see why Grandfather doesn’t mess with her. I guess as soon as he walks in the door he will bark some orders at our mom, cry about how freezing the a/c is and then proceed to turn the dial thermostat to a reasonable number of his liking. I don’t enjoy the fact when he comes over that he feels he has control over everything. My mom just lets it happen as well. She is a pushover when it comes to him and it’s quite upset to see. I guess our mom just had a HVAC business come over and install a smart thermostat in. I might just mess with our Grandfather this week and see him lose his mind. He needs a lesson in life and lessons you can learn at any point. His lesson would be to not mess with our mom or I will step up. They will be here in less than a couple hours so let’s see how he acts when he walks through that door.

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