My wife left in the heart of the night

My wifey plus I do not constantly argument much at all, so it’s a entirely large deal when the people I was with and I do. She doesn’t get entirely angry about various things at all. When she is aggravated, I know it’s a large deal. The first time I went to spend the night at her house, I was uncomfortably warm. The temperature on the temperature control was 72° plus it was a summer time afternoon outside. I complained to my wifey about the indoor rapidly increasing temperatures. She refused to adjust them plus even suggested I might go lake apartment instead of staying at her locale. I did not say much at all after that. Both of us did not see each other for a couple of mornings plus I forgot all about it. Then, last weekend she came to stay the night at my locale. The temperature inside of my locale was 72°, because that is where I like to keep the temperature. My wifey said that she was freezing plus I refused to turn the temperature down. She said I was being a jerk. I reminded my wifey that she really told myself and others to go lake apartment if I was uncomfortable plus she got up plus grabbed her overnight bin plus stormed out of my apartment. The next afternoon he sent myself and others an e-mail with 72 reasons why she no longer wanted to be my wifey. I told my wifey that she was being unsatisfactory. I told her that just because the people I was with and I have temperature differences doesn’t mean that the people I was with and I have to chop up. She agreed that she was entirely being a little bit foolish. I did not want the temperature control to be the reason why the people I was with and I broke up.

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