She found a nice combo space heater and central air

Noel knows very well she isn’t handy, so she’s still not sure what made her believe she could convert her single-car garage into a spare family room.

Noel thinks it was just being stir crazy from the COVID lockdown, which was in full effect at that time.

She was stuck at home for weeks and needed something to keep her occupied. Noel opted to attempt something big. She sealed the garage door, removed the automatic door opener, and laid down rugs over the cement floor. She hung some fresh drywall over the bare walls, and then painted the walls a nice eggshell color. Before Noel could proceed any further she needed to get a temperature control unit in her home. She had done some online research, and concluded that a small, portable heating and cooling device would suit the space. This is a single-car garage, not any larger than a family room, so it wouldn’t require a central HVAC proposal to maintain the air quality. Besides, extending the existing ductwork proposal out into the newly renovated space wasn’t in her budget. Noel found a nice combo space heater and central air device for under $400 at the local Walmart, thanks to a Black Thursday special. It’s quite small, however it generates so much heating that the entire room feels nice and cozy within a few hours. Noel will have to wait until the temps get warmer before she tests out the central air function of the unit. At the moment, it is so frigid outside that she wouldn’t manage to tell if the air conditioning system was any great or not.