Should have stuck with the HVAC company

Well, I guess I was simply destined to learn the hard way that HVAC repair is only for the HVAC professionals.

  • HVAC technicians truly are professionals and experts in their field.

The HVAC technicians are working on machines they understand and are completely familiar with. A few months ago, our HVACprofessional told me that our HVAC unit would need a fairly serious repair. He found this as he was doing the air conditioning tune up. The evaporator coils and some other components had to be replaced. This was tough given that the HVAC was not even 10 years old. I even tried to see if the factory warranty would cover it. I had some time before I had to get the HVAC repaired and that got me thinking about other alternatives. I called a friend of mine who used a handyman to do some work around his house before. He even has performed some HVAC repairs I understand. I got the number for this handyman and gave him a call. Right off the bat, he didn’t sound so comfortable with the sort of repair on the HVAC I was inquiring about. I kept prodding him for our price until he gave me one. While it was lower than the HVAC professionals, it was not guaranteed. Still I was lured in by the cost savings so I went with the handyman. Of course. that later blew up on me as the HVAC repair didn’t last and I ended up having to call the HVAC professionals after all.


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