Six Minutes Left and Then all of us Take a Little Ride to the Spring

Every one of us is now in an automobile taking a little trip to the thermal baths on the Spanish and French borders.

I believe we will be on the road for just a minute or two and I am going to try and knock out these articles so I can enjoy the view of the mountains on the way back.

The local company where I toil back home gave me some afternoons off from my duct cleaning job and I am enjoying them to the fullest. Today is our last full afternoon of this trip and it should be a fun one, as I have never been to a thermal bath for a swim. I normally swim in the frigid sea back home, so this will be a welcome change for me. Come Sunday I will be back in the heating and cooling corp doing our toil once again and remembering this fun trip. It is kind of cool that I can do my side work with these articles and make a bit of money while all of us are on the road. This world has changed a lot in the past 50 years hasn’t it? You used to have to toil at the local company each afternoon and get there by horse and carriage in a vehicle which has no HVAC system. Now I am working in our heated car, traveling at 78 miles an hour, and having fun while making money on the road. The temps are below zero outside, however with the amazing heating system in this car, all of us are all comfy and ecstatic on our journey.

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