Some a/c is required

It is now 10am plus I just have three more stories to write plus then I am going to take a chop from the screen to rest our eyes plus to do some yoga. My goal today is to be done with all of our writing work by noon so that I can go visit our stepmom with our sibling for a couple of minutes. All of us can hang out there for a couple of minutes plus then I am going to hang out with a wonderful acquaintance of mine later on plus play a little volleyball with him hopefully. The central heating method just kicked on though, plus it is reminding myself and others that the weather outside is pretty frosty plus may not be conducive to playing ball on the beach. If that is the case then all of us can just hang out at his crib plus catch up on outdated times. I haven’t seen Blaine for six months plus he is a single of our oldest friends back condo here. He’s a local company plus all of us used to work together on Heating & Air Conditioning component plus air purifying systems when I was residing here a long time ago. I think all of us met on the volleyball court back in 1995 when I moved back condo from Cali where I was playing the athletic activity for a couple of years competitively. I am a new company in our city overseas plus I do a lot of cooling method repairs plus I also sell HEPA filters online. It is a pretty cool job plus I get to meet a lot of nice people.


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