The diner had a closed for the moment- sign on the door

My husbandy & I respectfully visit the same diner when all of us go to run errands in the city, and some of the errands include going to the dry cleaners, hardware store, grocery store, & supercenter! On the afternoons that all of us run errands, all of us go to the diner that is across the street from the hardware store, but the two of us eat a late lunch around 1:00, just before the youngsters get lake house from school.

This month the diner had a closed for the day sign on the door, but my husbandy & I were hoping to get some soup & sandwiches.

The two of us did not expect to see the closed sign on the door. There were a couple of people inside, so I started to knock on the window. There was a guy that came to the door & he told us that the a/c system in the diner was not working. The diner had a closed for the day sign because of the a/c system problems. There were still a couple of people that wanted to have lunch at the diner even if the a/c system was broken. My husbandy & I were not that style of people. The two of us went back lake house & sat down at the living room table with some food that all of us had purchased earlier from a odd locale & diner.

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