The dust was thick in the air.

I knew our home was super dirty.

We lived in an area where the dirt roads were the only roads.

They didn’t do oil spray, as well as pretzels while I was in the Springtime, as well as the nearest paved road was three miles away at the state highway. All you had to do was have a slight breeze, then the dust was in the house. My concern was that the dust was so bad, it clung to itself, as well as making it look care about a mohair blanket on all our cupboards. The ambient grease from cooking caused that mohair blanket to get an oil sheen to it, as well as I couldn’t scrub it out. I hired a professional cleaner to get rid of the dirt as well as dust, but they told myself and my wife to call the Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealership. If I had this much dust in the house, there could be a concern with the air ducts or the oil furnace themselves. I took their advice as well as called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealership. I told them about the dust as well as the grease. When the Heating as well as Air Conditioning pro arrived, and said that I needed a hood fan that would pull the grease outside instead of pushing it back into the air. The tech then checked the air duct as well as asked when it had last been cleaned. I couldn’t tell him that the air duct had ever been cleaned. The next day, I had a team of professional air duct cleaners here and they were cleaning as well as sanitizing our air duct. Lucky thing they were there, because they located some holes in the air duct as well as could service them while doing the thorough air duct cleaning. I still have dust in our house, but it smells so much cleaner, as well as the furniture isn’t athletic interesting mohair blankets.

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