The metal items were important after all

My husbandy as well as I live in an rv.

Every one of us sold our condo a couple of years ago as well as we bought a giant mobile condo that is on Wheels as well as can be moved from 1 arena to another.

Our condo has lots of space for all of our favorite things. My husbandy has all of his crafting stuff downstairs near the home office section as well as I have all of my video game stuff upstairs in the dining room. Every one of us have an outdoor TV as well as 1 inside as well. The RV has all of the comforts of home. Every one of us have a nice giant bathroom with a shower as well as a sink. Every one of us also have arena seats as well as a pull-out sofa in the home office. There’s even a fireplace downstairs. Every one of us rarely use the fireplace, however we use the propane furnace a lot; During the Winter weeks, we stay in lots of unusual sites. The climate is unusual from 1 section to the next as well as that means that we have to have great heat as well as air conditioning. I noticed a problem with the furnace a couple of weeks ago. It was 1 of the first times that we turned on the furnace while I was in the Winter weeks, so I tried not to get busy out about the noise. The furnace seemed to be laboring just fine. Yesterday I noticed the same unusual sound happening again, however this time it was louder than the last time. I decided to take the furnace apart so I could look for the unusual as well as different sound. I found a piece of metal that was hanging down from the top of the furnace. It didn’t look important, however it was.

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