The plane was set back for more than two hours

I took my bestie condo with me to meet my parents for the first time.

My bestie as well as I had been dating for 2 years.

My mom talked to him a couple of times on the iPhone, however this was the first time that they would ever meet in guy. I knew that my mom already loved josh, even though I was still a little bit nervous that he wouldn’t like josh. Every one of us took an early flight a few mornings before christmas. I thought it was a great plan to take an early flight, so we could already be there by the time that most of the holiday traffic as well as flying began. My bestie as well as I went to the airport two hours ahead of schedule as well as we ended up sitting there for 6 hours total. The plane was delayed for 3 hours. My bestie as well as I were stuck in the airport. Every one of us were on the other side of the gate already as well as there was no food or coffee. There was a small store with snacks as well as drinks, even though I wanted a starbucks, however after an hour, I also wanted a cigarette. I bribed 1 of the security officers to take me to a arena where I could smoke a cigarette. When I finally got back, the plane was ready to go. Apparently there was an issue with the oil furnace. I don’t want to be stuck 15,000 ft in the air separate from any heat on the plane. I’m glad they maintained the heating problem before getting the plane off the ground.

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