Who keeps messing with our HVAC device

This fall has been insane.

The temperature outside has ranges from 60 degrees to 65 degrees the Last month however that hasn’t been the problem; Work has been tied up however nothing out of the mediocre.

I still get supper each morning on our way to work. I get to the gym after work for our hour session. The guy I call Hercules is our personal trainer however that’s undoubtedly not his name, however funny thing is that I forgot what his name absolutely is. I just suppose as soon as I walk into the gym he is already smiling, greeting me as I walk in with his hand out preparing a handshake. This guy is top-level greatness! Regardless there have been troubles at modern home plus it’s been irritating. In the morning or when I get modern home from work someone is messing with our smart temperature control. I have blamed our son Richard after a week of the temperature control being messed with. The thing is I took his phone away because I figured when I went to bed he messed with it or before I came home. The situation still was occurring plus I had an HVAC serviceman come out plus look at it as well, but he said there was nothing wrong with the smart temperature control or the electric furnace at all. So a month went by plus I was just aggravated plus our frustration leaked out on a neighbor the other day. This morning I found out it was his son who has a smart phone who was messing with our smart temperature control plus told his Mom about it because he couldn’t stop laughing. I found out our son plus his son collaborated on it. My son’s cell phone privileges are over. Why would they do this?


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